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Cyclone has been working with marketing and distribution for a diversity of well known brands towards the Scandinavian markets since 1999. In 2015 we started to develop our own brand; Mellow. With Strong focus on good design and well executed manufacturing we felt that our program was too good to keep to our self. So we decided to offer our high quality products also as custom merchandise and marketing tools for other brands and companies in the Scandinavian territory.

These days, the rules change often, and they do so at a faster pace than ever before. The rules of branding have also changed. A sleek website, strong social media presence and consistent brand aesthetic are no longer sufficient to stand out.

Invest in quality merchandise and your brand will be considered a quality brand. When you’re making high quality products, your profit margins won’t be very big, but the potential for widespread exposure pays off.

We cover every aspect from thoughts and ideas to sampling, development and logistics. We strive to have tight communication with everyone involved. Good suppliers, partners and factories is the key to our success. Together with them we focus on creating high quality, expertly styled and responsibly manufactured garments for markets such as fashion retail, music merchandise, corporate promotions and leisure.

Whether you are looking for large quantities or looking to take advantage of our low minimums we are a one-stop shop for your needs.


We teamed up with the best possible partner to develop and deliver the best basic garments in the industry since 1994. Our partners were the innovators of the wholesale women `s fitted T-Shirt in Europe (the “Continental Fit”), and they continue to lead the way in innovation, design, and sustainability. We work with 4 unique award-winning brands – Continental®, EarthPositive®, Salvage® and Fair Share – that are among the most up-to-date blank garment brands in the world.










Our outerwear is designed in Norway. We work with specialized outerwear designers with more than 20 years of experience of designing for many of the worlds leading outerwear brands. Our designers connect and talk directly to some of the best manufacturers in China where it is all produced. With this experience and knowledge we are certain to deliver some of the strongest custom outerwear in the industry. You can choose from our variety of pre-produced samples, including everything from 100% down-jackets to 3 layer shell jackets or we can custom design for your needs.


Like every other category we work with, we strive to attach our company to the best partners there is. Our supplier of Jersey`s is no exception. It’s a known fact that the middle east produces the best poly and sublimation products in the industry. Threw our partner in Pakistan we design and produce soccer, basketball and baseball jersey`s. We also deliver a strong program of training wear, tracksuits and cotton leisure. We have strong references on these products and you can freely choose from a large variety of models, or we can custom design for your needs. 

More info coming soon..


More info coming soon..


From internationally recognized brands to your favorite local shops or companies, we are trusted by them all.