kr 89.00
Quick & ready-to-use wipes for instant cleans on the go. Pull them out when needed and tackle those marks.• 15 ready-to-use wipes• Quick cleans• Travel size can• Freshly scented• Recyclable aluminium can• Recycled...
kr 109.00
A neutralising footwear deodoriser which delivers a gentle, fresh citrus aroma for lasting comfort and freshness.A fast and easy application using a convenient push-down mechanism thattackles bad odours by drawing...
kr 129.00
An instant cleaning foam with an easy- to-use, integrated lid-brush that actively cleans dirt & stains from your footwear.The citrus-scented concentrated solution & lid-brush cleans the materialleaving a fresh...
kr 109.00
An innovative and fast-action spray creates a protective invisible shield that repels liquids & stains.The ultra-performing Nano-technology formula prevents liquids & stains from damaging any material, while...
kr 179.00
Keep creases at bay with Crep Protect's Sneaker Shields. The handy little utensil sits inside your shoe to help prevent toe-box creases and features gel padding so that you don't have to compromise on comfort. Oh, and...
kr 249.00
Instantly reacts through every stepOver 55% ball rebound for powerful push-offs and quick movementsReduces/redirects force away from the footMaximum propulsionConsistent Resilience and cushioning
kr 229.00
Instantly dissipates force on impactAbsorbs up to 90% of energy from impactBreathable material using the best in open-cell technologyMaintains form on high impact
kr 179.00
Long-lasting comfort, from the first step to the lastBreathable material using the best in open-cell technologyStays cool and dryMaintains size, shape and fitSuperior shock-absorptionEasy washing and fast dry time



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